I love programming, but its not what my entire life is composed of. I love nature and animals more than socializing. I enjoy spending time with my family and my cat. I'm a private person and I love sharing only the most important life stories with my closest friends. I'm a very organized person as well and I hate clutter. I love GTD and I count my blessings everday. :)

Before thoughts.maricrisnonato.com, I had blogs under livinglife.sweetperceptions.com (where my day to day blogging is filed under), and coderkitty.sweetperceptions.com (where my technical blog lived). However, since it has become tedious to maintain separate blogs, I combined them two. This blog is entirely written via Markdown, which I absolutely love (now, I write emails in Markdown as well!)

While my technical experience has been seasoned with time, I claim to be no expert. I believe that continuous studying and learning gives one the opportunity to be better in their craft. This is what differentiates me from the rest--my passion. I'm always trying to be better at what I do and love. There's no stopping me from learning anything if I wanted it, or if that is what's needed. Above all, I do what is best according to what the situation calls.

I'm highly opinionated and I always put myself in the context of whatever I am doing or asked to do so, may it be in meetings or simple discussions. So, expect a colorful, sometimes intriguing conversation with me.

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* I don't pick up calls from random numbers. Please SMS me and state your name and nature of contact.